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Lime Garden Brings a Summery Warmth on a Cold Night: Live at Oporto in Photos and Review

The Brighton four-piece charmed the Oporto crowd on a wintery Wednesday evening at possibly the friendliest gig I’ve ever been to. Words by Maddie Player and photography by Aimée Ferrier.

The atmosphere is laid-back and warm, a comforting setting considering Leeds has been hitting sub-zero temperatures this week. A good turnout in the intimate venue made things comfortably cosy, if a little shy at first. But Lime Garden’s infectious songs soon had the whole room moving merrily with a set that went from strength to strength.

The band kicked things off with unreleased track Marbles. Guitarist Leila Deeley proves that playing guitar can be an elegant affair, gracefully gliding up and down the full length of her instrument’s neck. She delivers a groovy feel to fever which has a fun and playful sound, as singer Chloe Howard perfectly sums up all our fresh winter blues with ‘why should I get up when I’d rather be in bed?’; although it’s certainly worth getting out of bed for this delightful band. They achieve a sound that is somehow laid-back whilst demanding you to dance at the same time.

Surf N Turf follows with a dreamy, improvised intro. Tippi Morgan’s ascending bass maintains high energy levels whilst lyrics on awkward encounters in the nightclub keep things relatable. The band themselves are very personable, with Howard introducing Sick and Tired as a song ‘about being sick and tired…believe it or not’. Despite its weary title, the song is just as light and airy in person as the recording, allowing the audience to forget their own problems for a minute whilst they dance in wonderful escapism.

Newly released single Clockwork is a standout jewel of their set, an arresting song that packs a punch. The hypnotic monotone of Howards voice and dizzying tremolo effects create a spooky atmosphere. Annabel Whittle’s steady drums paired with the repetitive guitar and bass runs sounds in circles like the ceaseless hand of a clock.

An enchanting live set, Lime Garden demonstrate they have a bit of a habit for creating impossibly catchy tunes whilst making you feel like you’ve made a new friend. These are certainly ones to have on your radar for 2022.

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