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B-AHWE Review

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

After her debut Nuance, B-ahwe (singer Bethany Herrington) is here with her new EP Motions that encapsulates the jazz, hip-hop and neo soul styles that she is known for.

Laura Kindelan from York opened the show on Thursday at our beloved Hyde Park Book Club, and what a show she put on!

With an at times surreal, though enduringly energetic performance, Kindelan showed her bright, charming personality through various anecdotes and her impeccable vocal delivery. If you like artists such as Orla Gartland or Lauran Hibbered, you will be sure to love Kindelan. A true rising star who works the stage like she was born for it, Laura Kindelan is one to watch.

Stepping into a B-ahwe gig is like stepping into a different realm. Dreamy, gentle piano by

Jasper Green beautifully introduced her opening number ‘Sakura’ with backup vocals from

Rebecca Herrington, Rosie Miles and Sunday Lendis. These three singers in particular stood

out with poignant harmonies that brought cohesion to the sometimes-eclectic fusion of genres.

B-ahwe’s vocals were confident and enthralling, especially in her spoken lyrics where she

embodies the same passionate lyricism as similar artists like Noname or Lausse the Cat.

While being a relatively new talent, she still displays her great vocal range in her 2020 hit

Cruise, which had the crowd moving. B-ahwe never fails in being able to make a crowd sway,

either with Bethany Herrington’s haunting lyrics or the smooth rhythm created by the powerful bassline and accompanying keyboard.

Motions is out now!

Written by Joanne Beverley

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